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My home theater system doesn't contain much, but it does the job well. I have an Olevia HD TV that has a Pioneer DVD player and a Sony Playstation 2 plugged into it. Also, I have a cord that hooks up my Apple laptop to the TV so I can watch online shows in HD on the TV. That is probably my favorite feature of my system specifically is that I can watch movies and TV shows from my computer in good quality and high definition. I have the DVD player hooked up to the high definition input in my TV as well, so i can get a great picture for my DVD collection.

My TV has speakers built into the sides that are nice and work well for the small space I have. It isn't as good as a speaker system hooked up around the room, but it works for what it is. This makes my TV very nice and at least comparable to a Sony or Panasonic brand TV. It is an off brand but it works well, the picture is great, and for the size of the speakers, it has great sound as well. All in all, I'm happy with my system. In the future, I want to add on speakers around the room and a blu-ray player as well.


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