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One of my favorite, productive and gratifying leisure activities is interior house painting.  Occasionally I repaint a room here at home, but I am often asked to help others paint.  Even though I am a pastor, I have received calls asking for help in an emergency that turned out to be requests for painting before guests arrived.  Sometimes I also donate my time to Habitat for Humanity, and my work at a new housing project in Louisiana often entailed painting.  So, even though I am an amateur, I have used a lot of different brands of paint, and I have two I highly recommend.  

The Habitat for Humanity affiliate in Louisiana uses Benjamin Moore paints throughout the new houses.  They have chosen several standard colors that are durable and neutral without being standard construction grades off-whites.  Although I have used Benjamin Moore elsewhere, I especially want to recommend it for covering new walls and ceiling.  It goes on evenly, covers very well, and washes up easily.  We used an eggshell sheen, so some care is needed in application, especially with the second coat.  New home owners have been thrilled with the look of this paint and they have felt no need to repaint within the first few years of home ownership.  While Habitat for Humanity could certainly choose a cheaper paint, the lasting satisfaction volunteer painters as well as home residents have experienced has made the paint a fantastic choice.

The second paint I highly recommend is Valspar, a brand I first happened in to when their yellow color chip was exactly what I wanted for repainting my bedroom.  I found the coverage to be absolutely superior and the ease of use, especially for trim and cutting in, is excellent.  This is a paint that does not drip or come off the roller in over spray or globs.  And it turns out to be a paint that is livable and enjoyable.  But the particular product that raises this paint to the top of my list is Valspars Disappearing Color Ceiling Paint.  

Opening a can of this white paint can be shocking, because the color in the can is a purple- pink.  Roll it on and as it dries the color disappears, leaving a perfect ceiling-white.  The coverage is excellent, the quality of the paint is high, and the disappearing color feature is to die for.  There's no more of that complicated effort to see where you have painted and where you have not -- an effort that those of us with bifocal glasses find neck-breaking. Going over existing ceiling white or painting a second coat is now simplified -- and in fact has a little feeling of doing something magical.  The product works well and is beyond comparison to ordinary ceiling white paints of other brands in every way.   


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