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Nothing is easier than making your own delicious food... and not many people realize it is WAAAY cheaper to make stuff at home than it is to buy in stores already prepared. For example, the below pictures are shots of a delicious accident I created in my very own bachelor apartment.

They look like heaven and they taste sinful and rich...they are Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge truffle cups, with peanut butter mousse in the middle...topped with chopped nuts. One word. Yum.

All I used was about three tablespoons of peanut butter, a few spoonfuls of cocoa, semisweet baker's chocolate, milk, sugar, 1 egg, and peanuts! My normal grocery order per month covers all the ingredients needed to basically make this recipe over 40 times. That's like..... 200 gourmet-quality chocolate treats for you to eat for literally pennies on the dollar.

Busy mothers or people familiar with entertaining guests would do well to look into creating a home cookbook filled with personalized recipes, and this is key; never be afraid to experiment with recipes you find online. It is extremely rare that I actually fully follow a recipe. I usually add my own set of signature ingredients, and I measure things not only for requirement, but also for taste and smell.

Cooking and baking are rich, rewarding experiences when you take the time to explore the world of food. Not only that, but people will taste the work you put in!

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