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 As you must have guessed from the title, my article is about my pet dog a 5 year old German Shepherd.

We adopted her when she was only 5 weeks old (later i came to know she was too young at that time and should have stayed with her mother for at least 7 weeks). I will identify her life as three stages till now- puppy, young adult and adult. When she was a puppy the biggest concern was her eating and toilet habits.

As anyone with pets can gather, these two trainings can really shape up the personality of your pet. The most important thing is to be patient with them. They are unyieldingly loyal and if you persist they become such great companions. For her eating habit please make it a point to let her eat by herself as I had observed from my neighbours pet that if you feed them they won’t know when to stop and it will lead to obesity which can cause complications later. And for toilet training there are lot many manuals so refer to them.

Then after she became about 10 months old it was time to start her official obedience training program. These trainings are done by professionals for quite a hefty sum, but believe me a little bit of research before employing such persons and every penny will be well spent. After training, Hannah became a gem and also quite playful. German shepherds are as such quite outgoing and fiercely loyal beings. At this point of time you also decide whether you want them to breed. And please dear readers be absolutely sure of your decision as it is really painful to see abandoned puppies. We went ahead with her breeding as even doctors recommend letting your pets breed at least once in their life. After around 2 and a half months Hannah gave birth to five healthy puppies. You need to study a lot of books to be able to gather information on how to take care of just born puppies. I would also recommend taking help of qualified professionals.

Then now she is in her adult phase and she can do things which absolutely stunned us even after she has been with us for over five years and very much a part of our family. For example she is a big fan of my father and absolutely follows him everywhere. When its nature's call, she actually bangs the door with her paws so that we can let her out. And it’s quite a scene when she's hungry; she actually sits outside kitchen quietly looking at my mom.

Be ready for taking them out daily as it will keep both you fit. Also understand her behaviour and try to communicate with them, they are a whole lot intelligent than you make them out to be. Also be ready mentally when you decide to adopt a puppy as you would become her family for her rest of life. Never treat her badly or hit her, they are innocent creatures and are pretty dependent on you.

As I have said do a lot of research to decide which breed to adopt and their characteristics, eating habits, common ailments and how to identify symptoms when your pet is ill. Some of the books i referred were an old classic on German shepherd, Wikipedia pages and a pedigree book on dogs. Regarding feeding your puppy pedigree food, we never feed our pet pedigree as it's very dry and it's method of preparation is not very reliable. Hannah is fed a lot of boiled food with adequate balance of meat and vegetables.

Lastly i would say please treat your pets with kindness and respect, they really love you unconditionally and it's only appropriate if you do so too.

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