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The best investment that I ever made was my PlayStation 3. It has everything I need for hours of entertainment. It has the ability to surf the internet, play blu-ray movies, play video games and rent movies. What else could you need to keep yourself fully stimulated. I use mine mostly for playing games, I enjoy the fact that the controllers are wireless so there is no tangling of wires or wires that can be dangling and chewed by the dog or small children. The best thing about using a PS3 is that if you need a bigger hard drive you can also do this your self. I will include some videos and links to spots where you can find information on how to do the upgrade yourself and it is super simple. PlayStation 3 is the best gaming system on the market in my opinion, it has a wide selection of games for every age. There is an accessory package that you can get that is the PlayStation Move. With this you can play games standing up and the two controllers that you hold in your hand. There is a optical eye that you sit close to your TV so that it can pick up your movements and transfer them to the game so it is as you are the controller. Lots of attachments can be bought for the PlayStation Move, such as, guns, sporting equipment, even a set of boxing gloves that allow you to train as though you were a boxer or extreme athlete. It is fairly expensive to buy the kit containing the two controllers and the eye but in the long run it is worth it for the enjoyment you will get. The accessories are much cheaper and can be bought in a pack or separately. Either way I think a PlayStation 3 is a great investment so with so many accessories and gadgets that it has to offer. PlayStation tend to be cheaper online. I bought mine on a local classified site and saved a huge amount of money. I would recommend trying this bargaining method of purchasing since you often get games and a second controllers for less then you pay for the system and one controller. I hope I have made your decision to purchase a PlayStation 3 easier. 


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