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I do not remember the day I first played CounterStike and that's because it has been a long time since then. The update to CS 1.6 was provided in the year 2003. It's been more than 10 years since I first played this game. The last four years I spent majority of my leisure time playing this game with my colleagues which were my engineering college years. Now that I am pursuing MBA, the charm has not faded for me. To be frank CS 1.6 is best competetive fps game I have ever played, and that's my opinion.  Its not like I've not laid my hands on latest versions of COD or Battlefield or they are not good. It is just that the thrill I received from playing CS1.6 was unmatchable. During my engineering college days I took part in many of the local and inter college CS1.6 tournaments. Won some, lost many but most importantly enjoyed what I did.  CS 1.6 is the only esport whose live streams I have been watching. These live streams have provided me with delightful moments, thrills, chills and whatever excitement you can experience from an e-sport . Apart from that CounterStrike has always enjoyed a  BIG community base and interacting with the community members has been an experience of its own. Social Networking has brought the CS1.6  community together and view of different teams and players on the international scene can be viewed on the web at speed of clicks.  

 Valve has released beta version of CS:Global Offensive and it is available to those who have been provided the beta keys so we can expect a newer version of CS1.6 any time soon. I wish Valve a great success on this game(request -just keep the in game movement and recoil the same please).


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