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Hi my name is Eddie and I am a proud owner of a beautiful brown female pitbull named Lady. She is a red-nose pitbull and is about 3 years old. Although my dog can be very protective she is also quite large at a whopping 85 lbs. which tends to intimidate most others.

A few years ago I bought my daughter a very soft teddy bear made by "Gund". They're said to be the cuddliest teddy bear of all but my daughter soon fell out of liking it when we got Lady. Amazingly soon after I began to notice our puppy taking a liking to the bear and would constantly be wrestling with it. This toy works for my pet because she loves it and it keeps her entertained for long periods of time constantly. I sometimes will try to play around and maybe run around with the bear to play keep away in which keeps me very active. The best thing is it doesn't require any special needs for her to play with it. 

The pro's for this toy are mainly that it doesn't need any kind of human attention to turn on or anything like that. Also it makes Lady very happy all day, in which I can't ask for anything else but to see my dog happy. The cons for the toy are minimal except one thing; the fact that it is just a children's play toy in which Lady doesn't realize that she sometimes plays too hard with it and creates tears and gouges in the material. But other then that I've had the same bear for a little over 3 years and haven't had to replace it yet.


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