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My favorite feature of Nintendo's WiiMote is the fact that it operates via bluetooth connectivity.  I use it to connect to my Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Android phone) via an app called WiiMote and use a GBA emulator known as DroidEmu.  Overall, I think it's the best set-up for mobile gaming. 

The Galaxy Nexus has a beautiful 4.65'' 1280x720p resolution and connected to a Nintendo WiiMote keeps my fingers from getting in the way of the visual gaming experience.  I've never had a problem syncing the WiiMote to my android phone or Nintendo Wii.  Not to mention, it's design is simple and easy to get used to.

A lot of people knock the Nintendo Wii for being a child's gaming console, but don't underestimate the versatility of the Nintendo WiiMote & Nunchuck as a part of the ultimate gaming experience.

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