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Hello fellow readers! As many of you gamer's know recently Guild Wars 2 just came out. This is a great game with wonderful adventure aspects. Let me first off and tell you that this is a beautiful game. I am running this game on an Intel Core i5 2500k, 8 gigs of RAM, Ge Force 570 on Windows 7 64-bit.  No fancy accessories needed to run this game. I am using just your typical keyboard and mouse.

What makes the game fun is that you can explore the map and get rewarded for it. If you go to certain point of interest spots on the zone, skill points spots, and teleportation spots, it will unlock a reward.  The great thing about this game is the gameplay mechanics to dungeon crawling at higher levels. Even with the great review of course it has its draw backs. One thing I do not like is the earliest dungeon you can go to is at level 30. The second thing I do not like about the game is there are no mounts or faster walking to travel to unexplored areas. Once you do find a teleportation spot though, you can travel between other teleportation spots that you have discovered.

All in all though,this is a fantastic game. The great gameplay and pretty decent story is wonderful. Throw in the great graphics is like having the cherry on top of a Sundae. I included a link of a simple screen shot to show the gorgeous graphics as well. I hope you guys enjoyed my article and understand a little bit more about the game.


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