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I purchased my PS3 several years ago and only bought a few games to start. Most of these were first person shooters. I quickly got bored with these and decided to take a trip to my local gaming store.

I wasn't really sure which game I wanted, but I knew that I was interested in RPGs. The cheapest game, which also was available in the Game of the Year edition, was Fallout:New Vegas. I bought it, hoping to at least get a few good gaming hours out of it. What I got  instead was weeks of game play, with almost infinite replay value.

The only accessory I needed was my controller.

The premise of the game is simple: in a post-apocalyptic wasteland in the Western US, you are a courier for the Mojave Express. You are shot by a strange man, but are saved by a large robot named Victor. You want to find out who tried to kill you, as well as what was so important about the mysterious package that was stolen from you. You travel throughout the wasteland, meeting people along the way, and must often make game-changing decisions.

There are tons of pros to this game, but specifically I would say that the replay value is amazing. Also, you can choose how to play. The first three times I played the game, I chose to be a "hero," helping people and following the main quest line. If this is done, you can have similarly good companions. These follow you, and come with their own quests. The fourth time I played, I chose to be a "villain." I pretty much killed everyone, and was aided by Cesar's Legion (the "bad" guys).

A major con of this game is that it constantly freezes. When this happens, you have no choice but to shut down your system and restart it. As a result, I advise saving frequently. There were tons of times when I would be playing for hours and not save, and it would freeze and I would lose all of my progress. Not fun!

Overall, this game is largely underrated. I loved it, I still play it, and I think that you should too!

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