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When I got my PS3 a few years ago I had no idea how much gaming I would actually be doing on it. Upgrading from a PS2 where I did a lot of casual gaming, the PS3 was a huge step up. The quality of the games and the usability of all the built in features made it the perfect entertainment device. 

Just to step away from the actual gaming part for a few minutes because the other features should really be recognized. I am a subscriber to Netflix(You can watch digital streaming movies on your computer) and then I found out that there was a Netflix App if you will on the PlayStation Store! I downloaded it the first day and all of my TV shows and Movies were right there on my PS3 in full HD. Now it only gets better from there because they also have a HULU app where you can watch the latest TV shows in HD as well as various other apps for videos(Youtube, Vimeo, etc.) and I haven't even talked about the Blu-Ray player yet!

The BluRay player in the PS3 supports DVDs so you can play all your current collection as well as your new BluRay collection. Sony even did us one better by providing an update that turned the PS3 into a 3D-BluRay player! The PS3 easily becomes all your entertainment devices rolled into one. 

Now to talk about the games! There are a ton of games out there for the PS3 now, so many that you would have trouble not finding a few you enjoy. The games are a really different experience from the previous generation consoles. The realism in the higher quality games is just surreal such as Assassins Creed or Modern Warfare! But even the more unrealistic games such as Little Big Planet are gorgeous in their graphics! Most of these games play in 720p some of the newer ones in 1080p. 

The PlayStation Network or PSN is also a nice feature for gaming on this platform. It is completely free to play online games such as Call of Duty. Unlike the monthly fees of the Xbox 360, the PSN is completely free to all owners of a PS3. Though it has been unreliable at times, it has gotten a lot better and works well. They also have an option to upgrade to a paid version called PlayStation Plus that gives you added features. 

You also get the built in PlayStation Store with your PS3 where you can download full games right to your PS3s hard drive(Though be aware it can fill up eventually!) Or you can do what I like and download demos for free! Free demos of games, how awesome is that. I remember having to buy a magazine with a disk inside for demos! There are also other things such as movies, game addons, extensions, avatars, themes, and more!

The wireless controller that comes with the PS3 is the best accessory. It gets rid of that cord once and for all and lets you kick back as far as you want while playing your game. The battery life seems really good as well. I've had it going for a good 6 hours before it finally started dying. Which brings me to another control device the Playstation Move.

The Playstation Move was released a while back as what seemed to be a rival to the 360s Kinect. Though it looked and felt a lot more like a behind the scenes hollywood movie device than a game controller. For the few games that provide support for it, it works really well...As long as you have the right room conditions. I was not very impressed with it and really decided to stick with the regular controller for my gaming needs. Who knows though, it might get better in the future!

All in all the PS3 is a wonderful console to have. Not only for its gaming but for the other amount of entertainment needs it fills. This thing can replace two or three boxes in your entertainment center! If you're an avid movie watcher as well as a gamer then this console is really for you!

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