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I have become a master at cleaning the inside of my car. Perhaps it's an obsession or maybe I really just like cleanliness but I find vehicle clutter to be unacceptable. I own an Acura Integra with a leather interior and while I may not be rich, my vehicle was fairly expensive and so I take great pride in its care.

The first thing I do is vacuum. I tend to use the Dyson from my house because of all of its attachments but a shop vacuum will work too. The crevice tool, the wand with a chiseled edge, is great for getting the sides of the seats where all of those wayward French fries make their home. It is nice to eliminate all of the garbage but this helps to keep your vehicle smelling fresh as well. If you have a shop vacuum and no accessories, taping the cardboard tube of a paper towel roll to the hose works well because you can squeeze the end to fit in crevices. The brush tool cleans up all the collected crumbs and grime that end up on my console and in the pockets.

As for the shine, I use Lexol Leather Care for my seats to keep the leather supple and shiny. This not only removes the grime and dirt but conditions the leather as well. For the vinyl dashboard and console I switch to Armor All. They've had a bad reputation in the past about fading black leather and vinyl but honestly I've used it for years and the interior looks the same. Be sure to not overly polish the dash or it will reflect in the window and obstruct your vision.

As for the outside of the car, I actually use Nu Finish. It's a rather common product and I've seen it in stores such as Walgreens and Home Depot. No tools are required; you gently rub it on with a cloth after a car wash, wait for it to whiten a bit, then rub it off with another dry cloth. Believe it or not, Nu Finish gives a nice shine, lasts a very long time and makes the water bead up and roll right off. A little secret of mine is to put it on the windshield too -- it water proofs the window and you'll barely have to use your wipers!

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